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Jazz4Fun plays Jazz. We want to stress this. To be sure Dixieland as a musical style is well known around here and in general it is the correct term for what we do. But that isn't all. As the unforgotten Werner Geisler so correctly says: we don't play for the musical equivalent of "National Enquirer" readers. Therefore we do beautiful tunes like Ain't Misbehavin' by Fats Waller or Shapiro's If I Had You which Fritz performs in the tradition of the old swing clarinetists. Favorites of trumpeter Christian are the German popular tunes of bygone times. So we play Du hast Glück bei den Frau'n, Bel Ami, Es war in Schöneberg or Für eine Nacht voller Seligkeit,


all tunes suitable for jazz and sure to have you humming over and over again on your way home. The banjoist, Gerhard gets a painful look on his face when we do such tunes but that's O.K. After all he doesn't miss an opportunity to prove that a banjo can easily serve as a balalaika in tunes with a Russian background such as Midnight in Moscow, or Schwarze Augen. Finally, what Christoph produces on his tuba is pure music, beyond any restraints of a particular musical style. You can hear his total musical development in his playing: from a 15-year-old, who won first prize in the German amateur Jazz festival to the established contra bassist in the Bavarian State opera.




We had planned to make music only for fun. Making recordings in a music studio over days isn't fun. But there still was Christoph's living room


and an hour at a late afternoon...
A snack, several bottles of beer and a defective microphone plug later we had the evidence - it's home-made!

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Some of these Days (42", 43kB)
Struttin' with some Barbecue (42", 83kB)
Bel Ami (40", 79kB)
If I had you (1'10", 137kB)

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Midnight in Moscow (32", 65kB)
Basin Street Blues (1'10", 138kB)
I found a new Baby (38", 76kB)

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